Tamworth Fireplace

Tamworth Fireplace wanted to better connect with their customer as well as implement e-commerce into their website.

We undertook a full audit of their website and social marketing and developed a strategy to increase customer retention, new customers and strengthen their customer service.

We created a new e-commerce website, which was much more user friendly and allowed customers to purchase online. We supported this with improved social marketing, focusing on subjects their customers wanted to engage with, such as home improvement ideas and local news, as well as their vast product range.

Are you a startup brand, well established company, in the UK or worldwide? It doesn’t matter. We work with a range of clients.
We know it’s hard for brands to setup an online experience, and budgets can be tight. We like to help new brands grow and work in a long term relationship.

And we also have the experience of designing, building, testing and launching websites for large global organisations. We can be an extension of your in-house marketing team or take advantage of our expert team to be your complete digital arm.